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What to Expect When Buying With Us
To begin with, I help answer questions from people thinking of buying almost every day of the week and I am happy to do it. My advice is always free and in no way obligates you to make your purchase with me as your Realtor.

Asking for a showing is a great way to get to know me and see if we will be able to work well together.

Typically, the first thing I do is help you find and work with a reputable lender so you know what price range of homes is comfortable for you. I would be happy to share the names of some lenders with whom my clients have had positive experiences.

When you are ready, I will provide the following:
  • Showings at your convenience
  • Creative and experienced advice
  • Help navigating the entire process
  • Instant email alerts on properties that may work for you
  • My recommendations of homes you may like
  • An objective evaluation of any property
  • Experienced guidance in writing your offer to purchase
  • Convenient and secure online document signing.
    We will always give you time to read and understand what you are signing.
  • Negotiations for your best interests
  • Exceptional service throughout the entire process
  • The fastest responses to your questions and showing requests that my team and I can provide
Please understand that I prioritize my client’s important escrow needs first and then I help new potential clients. So, if I don’t get back to you until the end of the day, it is not because I don’t care but that my current clients had more pressing needs. You’ll appreciate this prioritization when we are in escrow with your property.

Furthermore, I can work directly with you most of the time. I have a strong team that handles most of the detailed paperwork and scheduling for our busy escrows. This system allows me to work mostly with people and properties. If I am not available for you, my team may also answer your email or help me to provide you a showing if necessary.

Our team approach has yielded hundreds of happy clients. We work for your confident referral and we get that by providing great service and always working in your long term best interests.

So let me know when I can go to work answering your questions, providing you showings, or helping you write a good offer!
Susie Stephens
Owner, Broker, Realtor
Chico Real Estate, Inc.
1250 East Ave. Chico, Ca
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Here are just some of the properties I have personally sold!