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Buy with us and we’ll help pay your closing costs
When a person lists their home for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) they agree to pay their realtor and the buyer’s realtor each a set amount when the property sells.

You, as a buyer, do not have to pay a realtor to help you buy a property.

If you choose Susie Stephens to be your Realtor, and she helps you buy a property, she will give you part of her commission from the seller to help you pay your closing costs.

So far Susie has paid more than $300,000 of her buyer’s closing costs since 2007!

More Information:
  1. The bonus can only be used towards reducing your closing costs. Any bonus amount that is in excess of your closing costs cannot be provided.
  2. The lender and seller must agree to allow us to provide a reduction in your closing costs.
  3. You cannot use your bonus as part of your down payment.
  4. Sorry to say, if we are paying a “Referral Fee” to a real estate agent for referring you to us then we cannot also offer you a bonus. Meaning, if another agent is getting paid to send you our way (if they pick up the phone and refer you to us) they will get a portion of our commission so we will not be able to also provide you a bonus.
  5. You can see the bonus amount we offer on each property's detail page.
The United States Department of Justice said this about bonuses in real estate.
"The Antitrust Division has found no evidence that refunds and incentives harm consumers. On the contrary, they can dramatically lower the price that consumers pay for brokerage services."
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