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Warehouses For Sale in Chico, Ca

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1921 LINCOLN ST, Chico, California 95966
4,000 SF    1 Bldg    $325,000
828 SALEM ST, Chico, California 95928
2,330 SF    1 Bldg    $385,000
365 E 20TH ST, Chico, California 95928
21,072 SF    1 Bldg    $1,100,000
4385 RAWLEIGH COURT, Chico, California 95973
10,600 SF    3 Bldg    $1,990,000
265 BOEING AVE, Chico, California 95973
33,980 SF    0 Bldg    $3,100,000
2812 HEGAN LN, Chico, California 95928
120,295 SF    0 Bldg    $7,250,000
1100 MARAUDER ST, Chico, California 95973
397,710 SF    0 Bldg    $19,885,550
These are all of the warehouses for sale in Chico, Ca on the MLS. You can stay on top of new and changed warehouse listings by checking the Commercial Sale Hot Sheets or asking us for email alerts. You may also want to use the Browse by Map tool to search for commercial properties that are for sale.

Please, note there are three possible ways we have seen properties indicate they have a warehouse.

-The Industrial Type field could have the values "Warehouse/Distribution" or "Warehouse/Office"
-The Search Tags field could have the value "Warehouse"
-The remarks could mention the word "Warehouse"

If a listing has any of these indications of being a warehouse, we add it to the list of warehouses. These properties could be of the type industrial, office, retail, specialty or another type. So you will still have to root through them to find the right warehouse property for you. However, we hope this list will save you from rooting through all the listings to find possible warehouses.