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Lower Bidwell Park

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Lower Bidwell Park runs on both sides of Big Chico Creek and has many trails for running, walking, biking, and horseback riding. There are picnic areas along the creek that you can drive into when the gated roads on Peterson Memorial Drive and South Park Drive are open. Most of the time these roads are closed. When the roads are closed you will see people walking on them without the interruption of cars going by. The park has year-round natural beauty because of the large canopy of shady trees, the creek, and wildlife. For example, it is not uncommon to see deer in Lower Bidwell Park. There are a handful of fitness stations along the walking trail on the North side of the creek. These stations help people to add pushups, pull ups, sit ups and other exercises into their fitness routine. Inside Lower Bidwell Park there is the Caper Acres Playground and the One Mile Recreation Area. Caper Acres is a great playground with large trees adding to the unique feel of the area. One Mile Recreation Area has a large grassy area with picnic tables, barbecues, horseshoe pits, and the Sycamore Pool. The Sycamore Pool is a huge pool with Big Chico Creek running through it. One Mile is especially popular in the hot Chico summers. Living within walking distance of the park is important for many people because of the lifestyle it affords.

John and Annie Bidwell generously donated the land for Bidwell Park in 1905 to the City of Chico. They wanted this land to be available for public use. Since then the City of Chico has purchased additional land making the current size of Bidwell Park 3,670 acres. Bidwell Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the United States and is known as the Jewel of Chico.

If you would like to support Bidwell Park and the Chico Parks Division you can donate here: http://nvcf.org/fund/bidwell-park-chico-parks-division-2/
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