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Hooker Oak Park

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Hooker Oak Park offers a variety of recreation and leisure activities. This much-loved park has both covered and uncovered picnic areas, barbecues, baseball fields, softball fields, basketball courts, two playgrounds, horseshoe pits, restrooms, and walking paths through the beautiful oak trees and next to Big Chico Creek. The park is maintained by CARD and the fields are used for their sporting events. However, when they are not being used by CARD, the fields are open to the public. In 2008 CARD and a recreation group called The Outsiders created a nine-hole disc golf course named Sherwood Forest Kids Disc Golf Course in Hooker Oak Park. The course has a Robin Hood them to honor the 1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood that was filmed in Bidwell Park.

Hooker Oak Park has an interesting history. The park is named after a huge and famous Valley Oak tree named the Hooker Oak. Annie Bidwell named this huge tree in 1887 after the Director of the Royal Botanical Gardens and Botanist Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. This large tree was thought to be the largest Valley Oak on earth for a long time. The tree fell in 1977 and was found to be two large trees that had grown into one. It stood over 100 feet tall and was estimated to be 328 years old. The huge tree was also featured in the 1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood. Portions of the tree were later used by local artisans. The gavel used at Chico City Council meetings by the mayor, and the public benches in the lobby of the Chico City Council Chambers, were actually made from this tree.
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