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Below are 100% authentic comments from my past clients.

Please let me know if I can help you buy or sell any real estate in or near Chico!

Thank you,
Susie Stephens
Thanks Susie!

I never have properly thanked you for the amazing job you did helping Phil and I find and purchase our first house. We love our home. Phil, Zoey, Rebecca and I just spent last weekend putting in a wonderful vegetable garden in the back yard. We went to Hodges nursery in Durham and let the girls select the plants that looked most exciting to them. This was soo cool because my Dad used to take me there when I was a kid and I would pick out my own tomato plants, and now I am able to keep up the tradition with my kids. Any how, Phil and I were laughing but saying how great it felt to be working “our land”. Corny but true. There is something so amazing about putting energy into our own home and our own yard. I have hired the work training center landscape crew to mow the grass and tend to my roses. And I love having clients at my house, showing my whole neighborhood what a great job WTC landscaping does. My yard is for sure the best on the block!!

Any way, we are slowly making our house a home. Every day that I live there I love it more and more. It really is the perfect size for us, with just the perfect amount of yard , and an amazing park across the street that we can hang out at but we don’t have to take care of. Our neighbors are amazing and we have quickly made friends with them. We made cookies and candy over the holidays and delivered it to our closest neighbors. It was so funny, the neighbor that had the potential to be the most irritating started crying when we gave him Christmas candy because he thought it was so nice to have friendly neighbors. Now his wife brings us bouquets of fresh roses from their yard, for no reason except it is nice to say hello. How cool is that! Just like you said, the house that worked out for us is perfect! I still can’t believe that we were able to swing the home loan. Craig was great. Phil and I don’t have a bunch of money and really felt like buying a house was something we may never be able to do but you had faith in us and we made it work. It is such an amazing feeling to be paying our own house payment instead of rent. I just feel like it is money in the bank. It is also fun to keep an eye on the market now. I love looking at houses for sale because I feel like we got such an amazing deal on ours. I look at all the houses in our price range and am easily able to say that our house is soooo much better than anything else I have seen. Also Zillo is claiming that our house has increased in value already, and a 3 bedroom 2 doors down is on the market for 269,000, (we only paid 229,00). Cool huh =).

I really do think we made a very sound investment, and we couldn’t have done it without you!!

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Good Morning Susie and Susannah,
When I think of my experience of purchasing my first home I cannot say enough of how wonderful it was to have you on my team!!
Your encouragement, professionalism, knowledge and experience were amazing! I recall making my first offer on a house in an attempt to take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit…. It was the second home we looked at, and much nicer than the first! All I Can say is I AM SO GLAD my offer wasn’t accepted!! :) I remember you saying to me “When we find your house you will know.”
On one particular day, I had a list of 8 houses to look at! With my Dad in tow, we traveled all over Chico in the search of “the one”. The last house we looked at was great! It had a lot of potential, and I was excited to take on the project! Offer #2….. this time was accepted! However, dealing with a REO was no piece of cake! My patience was wearing thin, and Susie was always there to keep me going with positive thoughts and words of encouragement!
Even though I had an accepted offer, that had not yet been finalized, I kept searching on the AWESOME website of ChicoRealEstate.Net!! And there it was, the house I had been looking for! I quickly emailed Susie, and scheduled a viewing later that day! I also added a second one we would look at that evening.
I met Susie at the first place, with my sister in tow this time…. OMG! Was all I could think!! It wasn’t until that moment that I finally knew what Susie meant when she said “When we find your house you will know.”
As we walked out of the home Susie said, “Should we even go look at the other place?” because she knew me, and that I had finally gotten that feeling!! The funny part was that day we finally heard back from the REO property with the final acceptance.
We quickly went to Susie’s office, withdrew my second offer, and made my third and final offer on the house of my dreams!! Third time’s a charm!!This was July 21, 2010 and on September 2nd I GOT MY HOME!!!
Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to Susie and Susannah! The document signing via email is amazing! My home buying process was perfect! I do not plan to move again, as I plan to remain in my perfect home forever, however, in the future if anything changes, I would definitely go to Susie @ Chico Real Estate! I will forever refer anyone and everyone to her!
THANK YOU SUSIE for helping to make my dreams come true!!

A happy new homeowner in Chico,
Melissa McWilliams
Several years ago Susie helped my son and daughter-in-law find their first home and they had nothing but good things to say about Susie and her team. Therefore, when my husband and I decided to move to Chico from southern California I already knew I wanted Susie to be my realtor. That was the only easy decision about finding a new home!

Susie was the perfect combination of professional, friendly, and caring. I always felt like she knew what I wanted in a new home and that she was 100% committed to helping me find it. Her knowledge of everything real-estate and escrow related was top notch and that made the process go very smoothly. Trying to find a new home in a town you live 500 miles away from is quite a frustrating challenge! The ease of navigating ChicoRealEstate.net helped immensely in searching for potential homes and creating a list of favorites. Susie was always able to work with my schedule when I would travel to Chico to look at homes and she offered such valuable feedback to my list that it made the house-hunting tours much easier. This lady truly knows her stuff!

It took us months to find the right home, with some "couple-drama" along the way, but Susie's support never wavered. Once the offer we made on our new home was accepted by the seller, Susie continued to show the same friendly support and offered tremendous guidance in getting us through all of the little details of finalizing the deal and going through escrow. She and Susannah made sure all the documents were easy to access and sign electronically; a big plus when you are a 9 hour drive away!

Susie is a treasure and I am so grateful for Chico Real Estate, Inc!

Mary Dolan, Proud Chico Grandma
August 24, 2012

Dear Susie, Susannah and the team at Chico Real Estate,

It was a pleasure working with you all. Not only did you provide us with top notch service, expert experience, superb knowledge, a fantastic computer system, but most of all a care and concern for our needs.We needed to purchase a home in Chico in a hurry for our daughter to live in. The big issue for us was we live 100 miles away. We were able to use your internet site to search for the homes we wished to look at. We next contacted Susie to show our daughter and us those homes. With little notice she set up appointments, showed us around and gave us all the information we needed. We found the right home quickly and needed to put an offer in. She was able to recommend lenders who could not only be competitive but also were able to perform quickly. She worked over the weekend and even through a family emergency so we could get the home we wanted. She lined up inspections, took care of the details, followed up and kept us informed along the way. Next Susannah got involved in the process. She is fantastic and seems to work day and night to get the job done. All forms and advice were easily handled online and any questions or concerns about the escrow process, loan procedures, reports, and fees were quickly taken care of by her or Susie. We were able to close escrow in 35 days!

After working with the Chico Real Estate team, I would recommend them to anyone who wants a specialized team of experts who are detail oriented, care about their clients and are not just in the business to make a buck, but to make repeat clients who are satisfied with them and the property they purchased. Your knowledge and familiarity of the area, mortgage and escrow services, other realtors, honest property inspectors and all other necessary services made this experience much easier for us and all other team members involved in the purchase.

Thanks for going the extra mile!

The Mittelman Family
I met Susie Stephens years back when I was doing firewood as a sideline to my firefighting job with CDF. We struck up a conversation as I was unloading about real estate and more specifically, ranch style home values, as we had a beautiful, hand built, 2 story log home on ten timbered acres in Cohasset. Susie’s enthusiasm that day was something I never forgot. I was so impressed with our talk that I told my wife that if we ever sell the place, I want to see what Susie would say about helping us. Years later, this is exactly what happened. I knocked on their door, asked her husband, Darrel, if Susie was still doing real estate, and the rest is history.
A log home on 10 acres in Cohasset requires a certain type of person/family to really appreciate, even with a built in pool, deer wandering through, and a view of the valley. We were in no hurry for the home to sell, yet Susie, along with Darrel’s world wide reaching web sites that includes a virtual tour around and through the home put to music, had us an offer in a relatively short time. Things went pretty smoothly during all the stages of the sale and before we knew it we were valley folks once again, living here in Chico. Our sales price of the log home that Susie managed for us enabled us to own our retirement property free and clear in Bandon, Oregon, as well as get us into our current home here in Husa Ranch. Speaking of our current home here in Chico...Susie asked us to go see some homes one day on her own time "just for fun", and we ended up buying one of them...no commissions involved...now that's good Customer Service.
Selling a home you have built by hand is not something I would relish doing again. However, putting aside all the professionalism, the negotiations that go on, Darrel’s website and musical video tours, a smoothly run escrow handled by their daughter, Susannah, the most important thing I remember after all is said and done, is the knack that Susie has in making the whole experience somewhat fun.

Rich (Batch) and Karen Batchelder of Chico, California
For any potential home-buyer:

Although this was my first home purchase, this was not my first interaction with a real estate agent. In my experience, it seems that there are essentially two kinds of realtors. One is a salesperson who is your agent because they wish to sell you a home (much like the dreaded car salesman). While the other kind of agent resembles what is more like a personal guide than a salesperson.

Susie Stephens and her family/staff at Chico Real Estate are guides. Never was I pressured to buy a home that they had in mind for me, nor was I even pressured to maintain Susie as my agent. Because of this, I felt comfortable and secure in making my first home purchase through her. And with nearly twenty years of experience in the Chico area, I found Susie to be knowledgeable, organized, and incredibly efficient. For this reason, I knew that I could trust Susie in not only asking for, but also following, her advice.

Yet, it is not her experience alone that sets Susie apart from other realtors, for there is a plethora of agents with equal experience in Chico. Rather, it is Susie's unmatched level of positive energy that makes her a head above the rest. Purchasing a home is not just another business transaction in the course of a career for her. Instead, it is a special time and investment of one's life that is to be cherished; not cheapened by the business end of home buying. So if you wish to have a guide who is willing to invest 100% of her energy toward your needs and best interest, Susie Stephens is no doubt the agent for you.
Kind Regards,

Martin Svec
I am a repeat client of Susie's. The first escrow process was smooth and effortless, while this second escrow process was quite different: complicated, demanding, and nothing came easy. However, Susie demonstrated to me what every real estate agent ought to aspire to: dedicated to their client, extremely knowledgeable of so many aspects of her trade (including the lending process), and persistent in doing what is right. Time and time again, during a complicated 60-day escrow, Susie would step in and make sure that our needs were being met. After being told by our lender that we, in fact, did NOT qualify for our loan like promised, Susie pressed them to find different options rather than just giving up, which our loan agents seemed content doing. At times, it felt as though Susie was doing the work of realtor AND lender, how hard she worked, and how much she knew (often telling the lender, "Why can't you do this, instead?" or, "Why haven't you considered this for my client?") Sure enough, after her firm demands that we be treated professionally and justly, our lender made things happen.

If it weren't for Susie and her team's diligent work, our new home would not have been possible, which says two things, in our experience: 1) Susie is a no-brainer choice for realtor, and, 2) Pick your LENDER wisely, otherwise you'll find the process isn't quite as smooth as it ought to be!

Thank you ChicoRealEstate for all that you have done for me and my family over the years!

In gratitude,
The Svec Family
My name is Sergeant Michael Fitzpatrick, and I am an American soldier currently serving my second deployment to Iraq. As my tour began, my fiancé and I began discussing plans for my return, including where we would live. We both wanted to attend school at CSU, Chico, so we began perusing the properties in that area online. I wrote six brokers with inquiries into the general market tempo and mood, commercial development, and buying opportunities. Susie Stephens and her team were amongst those I wrote. Before she even contacted me, I began using her website to see if I found anything appealing and affordable. Eventually, I found a condo listed on her website, and after discussing it with my fiancé, decided it was the place we wanted. I contacted Susie for additional information. I hadn’t yet intended to select a realtor, but when Susie’s reply came, I was very impressed with her professionalism and down-to-earth assistance. I didn’t feel like I was talking to an indifferent business person, rather that I was speaking with a old friend giving me some tips. It seemed to me the easiest way to proceed was to involve Susie.

Well, my situation proved to be rather unique in the home-buying process. My fiancé was studying abroad in Italy and I, being in the desert, found myself having to proceed with everything being handled electronically. Susie, amazingly, had just the right tools to make this possible. First she set me up with their online system that allowed me to make my offer using a digital signature. Her associate, Susannah, took me through the entire offer process and then wrote out the official forms for me to sign. I was juggling missions and power outages, so her labor was much appreciated since my access to the internet was sporadic. Once the offer was accepted, they led me through the home-buying process every step of the way, sending me documents to read or sign, all via the internet. I know having to scan each of those papers was an additional workload, but I was so thankful for their effort. Furthermore, we ran into difficulties in sorting out the details with my chosen lender, and due to my location I was unable to contact my lender regularly. Susie took care of it, calling them on my behalf, sending faxes for me, receiving wiring instructions from my bank, coordinating with the Title company, and staying on top of the deadlines, providing me with extension paperwork when I needed it. Another member of the ChicoRealEstate team took a full documentary video of the condo and its estate, providing me a visual tour of the entire property.

During this process, the “surge” tactic being taken by our military in Iraq had began its primary push, and I found myself out on countless missions during this time period. The eleven hour time difference did not help either. But with Susie’s help, I pressed on, determined to get this condo. Finally, after a month and a half of negotiations and inspections, we were ready to buy. My fiancé had recently returned to the States, so after reading all the closing documents and loan papers, which the loan officer was kind enough to scan for me, I conferred onto my fiancé an Special Power of Attorney allowing her to sign everything on my behalf. We closed two days before the end of the month, and I successfully purchased a condo 7,000 miles away from me. Now, in addition to a bride-to-be, I will have a new home and a future to look forward to. I know that ten years ago this would have not been possible; in fact, on my last deployment, in which we hardly had any internet access, I could not have achieved this either. But thanks to improved conditions over here, and Susie’s technological capabilities, I have achieved something most people would have considered impossible. Without ChicoRealEstate, their expectations would have been correct. I appreciate Susie, Susannah, all the others who worked so hard with me. I hope they realize how much it means to me, a home provides an extra bright light at the end of this tunnel.

Michael C. Fitzpatrick
Sergeant, United States Army
Recommended CHICO REALTOR: Susie Stephen

We started our first investment in Chico. It was so hard to get trustworthy and a reliable sources when you are not living locally in Chico. Fortunately, Susie was there for us and she helped us to build up our investment portfolio.
We also have worked with many different realtors; but in all, we would grade her - the best (TOP TEN) in her professional and excel service – she is willing to go “extra mile” at no additional cost for you to just make sure everything going properly with a professional manner. Once you assign her to be your realtor, you sure will get a peace of mind. We believe her service has come with her personality – caring, detail-oriented, and ethical - She always ensures her clients are well taken care of from A to Z. We have known many realtors in many different areas– when the contracts are done, the relationships are also gone – unless you have another deals for them. With Susie, she will always be there for you, no matter what, whenever you need her help. Her client service seems always be her priority and it is never ended even when it doesn’t come with the “money talk”.
If it happens that you are looking for your real estate agent, we would recommend you to talk with Susie first before you go to shop anywhere else – Sincerely, for many years passing by, she always is our #1 Realtor with her great, excel, professional service and we still strongly believe that she will be your ethical choice in any real estate matter and consultation.
If you have any further question about her service, you can contact us at JOE/JOANN 408-894-0588.
Last but not least, to Susie Stephen, we just want to let you know we really appreciate everything that you did for us in the past years. We know that you are always there for us whenever we need your help.

Joe Nguyen/Joann Truong/Michelle Truong/Brian Tang
I’m not a property virgin anymore thanks to Susie and Susannah!! When I set out to look for Real Estate here in Chico, I was nervous because I had heard that Real Estate Agents were “top producing” salespeople. This was going to be the biggest purchase I was ever going to make and I was not going to be pressured. I also didn’t know any Real Estate Agents in town and that made me even more nervous. I knew what to expect in dealing with people however because I have been a Business Owner for several years now and have worked with a variety of people in the legal field, so when encountering situations that required professionalism, my experience helped a great deal in recognizing when it was there.

I started on the internet and went to the big name Real Estate company websites; Century 21, Keller-Williams, Re-Max, Chico Discount Realty, ect. and found some great listings. I also saw that there were a lot of agents to choose from, and Susie Stephens was NOT the first agent I had had dealings with. I had a tour of some properties one afternoon with the first agent I had, and it was an exciting. I saw myself living in some of those listings, and felt good that I could actually buy one!! The agent however, (no names given to protect the guilty, but one could glean from the experience…) not only questioned my ability to pay with a curious look at me, but then never returned a phone call I was expecting. It was quite disheartening to say the least, and my search waned….

I wasn’t done searching though and I found another website: “Chico Real Estate” that looked different from the others I had seen. Again I found some great listings along with “hot sheet” information about those listings that had not been on the other websites, and I was quite impressed. I then called one evening in late May around 6:00 expecting to get an answering machine, and when Susie answered the phone, it was unexpected: “Would you like to see that listing tonight?” she asked. It seemed so spontaneous and I felt my excitement return.

Then over the next several months, we scheduled times and looked at listings. My calls were returned. My e-mails were returned and we met at many locations in town. Offers were made and some deals were cancelled. And then one day after having just had a roller coaster of an experience with a listing due to its condition, my house appeared on the MLS. There were multiple offers on it though and Susie’s salesperson experience came out. And that expertise changed my perception of what I had thought of Real Estate agents being “top producers.” I was never pressured into buying something that did not feel right, and the negotiating of the deal along with relationships with other agents proved to be key in winning out over the other offers.

Escrow then went surprisingly smoothly with inspections, repairs, closing and then meeting the sellers all happening within the scheduled times. And I was so happy on the day of taking possession!! Thanks Susie and Susannah!! I appreciated your professionalism and thanks to you, I’m not a property virgin anymore!!

Liz Fleischer - Business Owner
Here are just some of the properties I have personally sold!